Don’t Know what to choose for your website?

Development choice

As a business owner you are very well familiar with how to serve your clients. But, digitising your business there are too many options available in market. Many of us rely over CMS and many other rely over frameworks. It’s bit confusing what to choose and how to choose.

As a part of web solutions, many software giant developed many frameworks as well as CMS. In these, frameworks are useful for more complex systems, on the other end CMS used for web presence and less complex system. We can also consider, third approach of website builder, which is progressing slowly.

Below is the list of all three approach :

1. Frameworks : CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIngniter
2. CMS : WordPress(PHP), Magento(PHP), Drupal
3. Website Builder : Weebly, Wix, shopify

In last few month website builder,  shopify able to cover great market of eCommerce and WordPress serving as a one of the most reliable CMS to build a web presence since many years.

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