Boost with API – Application Programming Interface

In current age of continuously involving technology, we need to drive the opportunities with limited resources. Building a web presence, API (Application Programming Interfaces) are one of many which can help a lot.

In software industry requirements are normally foggy, that’s why we can’t evolve all wheels again from beginning.  Many scenarios APIs are comes out as more secure,  reliable as well as steady solution e.g. payment gateways, real-time chat gateway. Based on complexity and requirements, need to explore APIs, which help to build effective and remarkable web presence.

As there are thousands of API(Application programming Interface) available to extend applications, mostly need to chose one of it.

Types of APIs : Below is the list of few from many,

  • Payments Gateway API
  • Chats API
  • Social Media API
  • Video Processing API
  • Image Processing API
  • Weather API
  • Maps API
  • Advertisement API

Reference : Programmble Web

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