Web vs land – side by side comparison

web vs land

Here I am going to explain you what you need to know before building a web presence. With side by side comparison of construction site and a internet site, It will be easy for you to get, what do you need to buy and method of  getting approximated cost for each.

Case – Construction :  Land owner buy or sell sites keeping government as mediator and builder will build over it.

Case – Website : For a internet websites, a domain name will be buy or sell by domain re-sellers keeping ICAAN(icaan.org– international level organisation) as a mediator.

Construction Website
Land Domain Name &  Hosting space
Able to resell Able to resell
Cost(In Crores) Cost(In Thousands)

Case – Construction : Once you have a land, you can build any thing over it like a apartment or commercial store, a hospital or a school or even if you don’t want anything to build you can also sell again to somebody else.

Case – Website : Once you have a domain, you can build any kind of website, it can either be a eCommerce, or a just a web presence,  a management application,  a ERP anything, or similar to land you can also sell a domain to somebody if you don’t want it.

Now lets’s consider a case you want own web presence then, what should you need and how much did it cost to you ?

  • Makers of Web Presence / (Domain Experts) :
    • Information Provider / Content Writer : Content is a row material which represent any of following cause :
      • what are you selling?
      • which kind of services you provide?
      • what is an aim behind this website?
    • Designer : “A picture is worth a thousand words” – Visualise your contents.
    • Developer : Co-relate, build & maintain whole website.
    • SEO/SMO/Digital Marketer : Reach to viewers through improve website ranking based on targeted keywords

Your estimated cost will calculated based on cost quotation you received from each domain expert, similar like construction case.

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