Why people still require software development ?

Software development is long living as well as continuesly evolving process. It starts with first getting started Hello World to may reach up to releasing most awaited version. At present age, many readymade completely configurable as well as customizable softwares available in market, why we still need or look for software developer at any moment?


Though there are thousands of options available in market, one thing is pretty sure that these options itself capable to confuse end user,  so in such moments developer may helpful at some sort.  Apart from this normally, end requirements are also based on personal  mindset as well personal software operational needs.  Among many developed software very few will able fullfill and become base of most exceptable as example WindowsXp. Though there are infinite set of  mindsets,  this differences, creates infinite opportunity to build a software from scratch,  which may seems too small at initial phase but on success same will become a big CRM, CMS or anything else which we heard in our day to day life.